Questions About Charging, Cooling Fan, Rear Brake Light
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Thread: Questions About Charging, Cooling Fan, Rear Brake Light

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    Question Questions About Charging, Cooling Fan, Rear Brake Light

    I got questions about 3 matters, I would greatly appreciate any insights and help.

    First is about battery charging DURING the riding season. I ride to school and work, and both destinations are fairly close to my home (~20 min. ride). Also, lately I have been having trouble starting the bike when cold, so the starter, spark plugs and battery have been taking a hammering.
    Therefore, I have decided to charge my battery tonight. Does anyone else do this? And if so, how often?

    Second question I have is about the cooling fan. Specifically, how do you know it is still working or not?
    During the summer after a ride, it was usually on for a minute or two. 2 days ago, my bike was overheating (smoke was coming from the radiator). I checked my coolant level and sure enough it was really low. I just finished topping off the coolant.
    Then I realized that the fan never did turn on 2 days ago when it was overheating the whole day. Does that necessarily mean that the cooling fan is not functioning?

    Last question is about my rear brake light. After I had the lowside accident at Earl's Cove, my rear light doesn't turn on when the rear brake is pressed. Should I bother getting it fixed (I hardly ever use the rear brake on the SV650) if it's not just a simple wire that is loose?

    Thanks in advance.

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    get your rear brake light fixed!!look at the switch on the rear brake could be a broken wire or unpluged...then with your rad filled with 50/50 antifreeze...leave it run on the stand and after 15 minutes or so the fan should kick in and blow for about a minute then stop....if it does that all shpuld be fine...the battery should be tested on a tester by a shop...i know pac yam has one...typically a battery will last up to 3 years if properly cared for and as short as 1 year if not...don't go cheap on the battery....crappy tire sell them but i woul only use them if i was selling the bike....get OEM....... and quit falling!!!!!
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    I got the battery replaced this year by John at Coquitlam Carter, it's just that I thought it might be a good idea to charge it every once in a while considering how short my daily route is.
    I will try that running the bike on the stand trick and see if the fan is on.

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    The sensor switch that turns on the fan sits in the coolant. If your level was down that far it may not have had coolant around it to turn it on. Chances are it's fine now.

    If your commute is that short and involves a lot of stop and go where you're running at idle for long periods then putting a trickle charger on now and then is likely a great idea. The battery is actually discharging to keep the bike running and headlight on at rpms under about 2000 to 2500 depending on the bike. And with the poor alternators on most bikes it takes a pretty good ride to make up for that stop and go time... or a trickle charge.

    The rear brake switch is typically connected to the brake pedal with a long wire with a spring coil in the middle of it. Perhaps that spring wire got misshaped in the dump or it may have sprung it's way to freedom. It may just need a tweak on the spring to make the light come on. Or you may have bumped the switch and broken it. Try pulling down on the spring wire to see of the brake light works and then trouble shoot from there.
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    I had to ride a little further today than usual (needed to return something at the mall after class), and it was in heavy traffic and ... the fan actually works.

    Not sure how long I will keep riding this fall/winter, but I'm planning to charge the battery for 5-8 hours once every 3 weeks or so. Hope that is enough.

    I will try to diagnose the rear brake light problem tomorrow,

    Thanks a lot.

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    Just hope you didn't do any major damage by letting the bike overheat with little coolant in it!

    If the bike fails to start, then it probably wasn't enough (charging frequency).

    There is also typically a threaded nut that you turn to adjust the sensitivity of the brake light switch. Your rear brake light could have been disfunctional long before your tumble, but it may simply need to be adjusted. If the spring wire mentioned earlier is present and connected, and if pulling down on the wire triggers your brake light, you may simply need to adjust the sensitivity.

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