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    NO2 For F4I

    I know ... I know .... Its a stupid thing to do

    However I've never been know for being the sharpest Ball in the box

    That being said

    I picked up a Dry Nitrous kit for my bike.

    I saw the setup for it and did some research and I do not like the Trigger activation for the No2 and want to put in a No2 solenoid to activate it electronically. ( Jury is still out on whether it will be WOT or push Button )

    My Question. I found NOS NO2 & Fuel Cheater Solenoids on EBay pretty cheap. upon further investigation the Cheater series seems to be for Big V8's at 200HP shots+

    I do not want to go this much... I was gonna use a needle for about a 30hp shot ( 0.65 mm ) However the Solenoids seem to be for the big boys.

    Does anyone know if I can still limit the No2 burst by the Needle size in the Cheater solenoid or am I gonna kill myself by this thing emptying my 9oz bottle into the Throttle body all at once ?

    I really am set on modifying this setup to a Wet No2 fogger system and am getting the appropriate Y valves etc. Does he Solenoid size matter for the Bikes ?

    In the end, this argument falls into the vanity arena. Which is more important: Your safety and comfort on a bike or what your friends think?

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    get the solenoid,and use appropriate jets in the some homework on it,i have done a few with a pushbutton trigger(starter button)its the best way if ya dont want to have it on tap all the time and worry about wearin the motor out.
    some bikes like to retard the timing to.

    like i said do some home werk bike specific.

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