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    Question ABS for bikes

    I was just wondering about all the bikes that have ABS. My neighbour has a Bimmer RS1100 and it has ABS. Which bikes have ABS? Do many (any?) sport bikes have ABS?

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    ABS is an option on most BeeMers.

    Most touring bikes come with an ABS option including the VFR, ST and FJR.

    ABS is one of those things that you'll never need on a bike until you need it, you know? I've bailed a few times from locking up the front end on some of my older sport bikes and I wonder how it could have gone differently if I had ABS.

    My current bike is my first bike with ABS and aside from not being able to do stoppies on it, it's one of those things that I never hope I have to use but I'm glad I got it.

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    I've got an 02 VFR with ABS and the system has only gone off once.Some cager cut me off and I had to brake fairley hard.I think it only triped because the back end got light and the rear wheel lost traction.I did'nt notice much of a pulse or any loss of braking power,so I gess they work well.

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    Not many hardcore sportbikes have it, as it's additional weight. Some of the middleweights like the Bandit 1200/650, and the new EN650 have ABS options, but the Canadian importers don't usually bother to bring any in.

    The best thing I found about ABS brakes was that it would let you push your braking harder without risk of lockup. That let me trust the brakes enough to absolutely hammer them in tight situations, where otherwise I would hesitate and apply them much more smoothly.

    And in practicing, it would let you know where the limits were without as much nervousness about locking the front at 60 or so.

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