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    Painting the Frame

    im looking at painting my frame black and dont want to pay someone to do it, b/c im trying to learn all the ins and outs of fixxing/moding my own bike, anyone have any info or tips/tricks to painting the frame black?

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    Powdercoat it...don't paint it. Otherwise it will probably look like shit in a couple of months.
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    First of all do you what it entails to powdercoat/paint frame? You do? If thats the case then Iv'e had both done and honestly I liked the paint better not as cheap as the powdercoat but nicely cleared and held up to 60,000 kms and still looked great when I sold the bike. But it you don't know what it takes to paint a frame I suggest take lots of pics of your work in progress, so you have reference, take your time, have spare bolts to install in the blind holes and non-blind holes, have knowledge of tapping holes that are filled with paint/powdercoat, have the taps and dies to clean the threads off the bolts that you did not have spares to. You do know that to do the nicest job the motor has to come out and stripped right down to bare frame, all the suspension is removed, then all has to re-installed properly so the bike is again roadworthy and safe. Now if you can't do this job and finish in your allotted time frame then the consequenses are the down time to the bike. Or worse you have to pay someone to finish the job and puzzles like that always cost you more money in the long run, ie; looking for your lost parts, finding out what you broke, or finding the part that was installed in the wrong spot. Don't get me wrong if you want to attempt this task by all means go for it its rewarding and if done right the bike can look kick ass but just know the other side of the coin, it could be a costly task.

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    Cheap paint is nowhere near hard enough to survive for long. Doing it right means spray gear, very good metal prep, proper and compatible primers and paints and probably some form of clear coat over it all to protect the color under it as SookyJack is alluding to.

    None of this level of quality material comes out of a spray bomb.

    My suggestion would be to tear the bike down and take it all in for powder coating. Powder is far tougher and scratch resistant a finish than most paints and with the prep done by the coater the powder coating sticks to the metal very well. It's also getting less exotic now and prices for coating are comparable to or cheaper than a good multi coat paint job.
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    my frames painted and its the shit

    take it to borderline.

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    Powdercoat it.

    Have it media blasted and then powdercoated. You won't be sorry. The powdercoat is tough as nails. The frame on my CRF looks brand new even where my knees rub on the aluminum spars. The only spot it's chipped is where someone ran into me and it had to take the metal off the frame to get the powdercoat off.

    The media blasting saves you a ton of time with prep and ensures a good job. It cost me about $400 to do both my frame and swingarm. The blasting was about $125-150 and the powdercoating took up the rest. PM me if you want some references about where to take it to get a good job done.

    Whatever you do, don't use a spray bomb on it! It will look like crap in no time if it ever looks good at all.

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