Stunt bikes ????
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Thread: Stunt bikes ????

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    Stunt bikes ????

    I want to buy a stunt bike that I can learn tricks on so I don't damage my main machine. Any ideas on what bike would be the best?, what to look for?, and where can I find those killer deals?... Thanks
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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    thre is a stuntbike in the bikes for sale forum, go take a look
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    How 'bout an honda xr50. They are way cheap and you can smash them around all day and they will still run. Plus you won't kill yourself, maybe a short hospital stay but death won't be optional.

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    Talk to Bill at 5thGear. He does lots of stunt bikes and knows where most of the ones for sale are I suspect.

    If you're just learning I would suggest something like a DRZ400 dual sport. First gear is low enough to make stunting easy and you got nice big bars to hang onto for leverage and they crash "well" with very little damage to the important stuff. Gaston (Gasman) had one and he looked like a ballerina with the stuff he could make that DRZ do.

    If you go for a sport bike then be sure to get one that can have a crash cage fitted. Here again Bill at 5thGear is your stunter contact for this stuff. If he can't get a cage then he can make one.

    A 600 streetfightered sportbike with flat dirt bike bars and a crash cage around the engine would make a great stunter bike. Fit a larger rear sprocket for more pick'em up at low speeds and for lofting the front end. It doesn't need to be anything recent. My old 91 CBR600F2 would be a fine stunter bike done up with the flat bar mod and with the plastics gone and a crash cage added. It's a nice engine to work with. An F3 with the larger brake rotors would be even better. It's not LOTS of power you need, it's power with smooth and predicable control.

    Of course this is coming from the guy that is happy when he realizes that his front end came up 7 or 8 inches and he's still alive to type about it. But all the above is what I've observed and read and heard about.
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    Thank you very much guys, the info you gave me was much apreciated... Keep up the good work

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