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    Bad Experience

    Unfortunately 4 me I had 2 go thru the torture of riding a scooter. My parents MADE me ride a scooter 4 1 summer as part of a deal 2wards letting me own my own motorcycle. Of course, I loved motorcycles so much that I agreed.

    It was an embarassment. The ppl at the high school back in my hometown laughed and everybody thot it was just a riot. Ppl would pull up 2 me in their cars and pretend that they wanted 2 race.

    I find that a lot of ppl on scooters ride out of convenience rather than 4 the enjoyment. If they really enjoyed motorcycling they'd actually go out and go thru the trouble of getting their class 6 and then buying a REAL motorcycle... Not just an automatic 50cc scooter. I don't wave 2 scooters becuz of this.

    Or maybe I just have bitter bad memories of being ridiculed.
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    Theres nothing wrong with scooters. You got to give them credit for riding something that under powered on the streets. I personally would love to own one if I live downtown or something. The few times I have ridden them, I found them to be a riot.

    A bunch of us still want to rent scooters, and wearing full leathers....terrorize the city .

    But I'll wave at pretty much anything on two wheels.
    Ride in peace my friends...

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    Wow, I think this makes your parents quite cool and understand. Most parents would just say no, not even give you a chance to show them you are capable of handing a machine on 2 wheels.

    I think you should hug your parents today and thank them.


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    i love scooters. i have my class 6 and if i have the chance i'd still ride a scooter!

    sounds to me like your hometown doesnt appreciate diversity. not all places do, but if you have the chance, open yourself up to it. oh man, if i had a scooter back in HS i'd be laughing at all the pedestrians. and those guys that were taunting you? there's only ONE driver in that car right? what about the other guys who are just passengers? betcha they're pedestrians too.

    ignore whether ppl will think it's stupid/crazy. ppl willingly jump out of planes for this same reason. so WHAT if it's stupid and there's a chance the shoot doesnt open or other factors that'll cause you to plummet to your death? that's not the reason you take a dive. it's for the FEEEEEEL :0)

    and as hardsoul has seen, i've gotten his 49cc scooter to go at 67kph!

    so dont be neglect scooter riders... you might see them on scooters one day, but the next you could see them fly past you on their R1... wouldnt be at all surprised ;0)

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    There's nothing wrong with scooters

    I would love to ride one of those Italian ItalJet scooters that they have in Europe. They look really sharp and apparently they're really fast as well. Look them up on the internet here:

    Select the dragster model. It actually comes in 180 cc's!!

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    I rode a scooter once. lowsided it in the first 2 minutes of riding it. Those things don't quite lean as much as a sportbike does....
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    Originally posted by DNAspark99
    I rode a scooter once. lowsided it in the first 2 minutes of riding it. Those things don't quite lean as much as a sportbike does....

    I so want to try out scooters

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    Scooters in full gear, helmets and racing boots? too cool!

    Let's do this in september!

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    dude...scooters are super fun. what other form of transportation with a motor can you go about downtown streets jumping of curbs and stuff than you can with a scooter! they rule.
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    looking for....

    I love scooters! I rented one once, and I had it pinned at 80!!! The poor flag they had on the back almost flew off..... hmmmmm... they were a little tricky I managed to lose control and ram into the rear wheel of a parked car.... hahahah *blush* I'm much better on a motorcycle.... maybe it's the shifting

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    Someone should set up a local race series with scooters. Use a parking lot or go-kart track. I agree, I find it easier to ride a motorcycle than a scooter. Scooters have ultra quick steering. Go-Peds are really tricky too. You just blink on those and you're turning.

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    Me and a friend rented scooters once, I brought mine back with the front wheel wobbling. lol. I think I did it on a wheelie attempt.
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    Unfortunately, we don't live in Europe where scooters are cool.
    I don't care what anyone thinks. These things are dumb.
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    Scooters and mopeds rule! They are a whole lot of fun. You can ven ride in snow with them. Something I wouldn't do with my r6. Here's a pic of a suzuki pv 50. I started riding with one of these. Mine went 70km/h but you could easily tune it up for 100+ .. but again, who wants to ride one at such speeds?

    And scooters, especially 50cc's are awesome. 125 are a bit too big for easy city handling.

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    Scooters are neat!!! FUN... even cutier on a 02 Honda Jazz!!!

    .. if anyone wants a buy one.. mines for sale..
    (not because I look stupid on it.. I kinda need $ for school..)


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