You know you should go back to bed when...
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Thread: You know you should go back to bed when...

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    You know you should go back to bed when...

    You know that you should give up and go back to bed when the following happens...

    1) Your in a hurry for an important meeting that you can not be late for.
    2) You jump in the cage and turn the key only to hear the beautiful click, click sound.
    3) You borrow the wife's cage promising that you will come straight back home following the meeting as she has an important meeting as well.
    4) You drive back home only to find that the wife has made alternate arrangements to get to her meeting and didn't call you because you were in important meeting listed as item one.
    5) You decide that due to how complicated this day has become you will telecommute and work from home.
    6) You walk into your office to find that wife mentioned above has taken your lap top to the meeting.
    7) You decide to take a moment to troubleshoot the damn dead battery listed in item 2.
    8) You cant find your voltmeter that you know you last had in the drawer in your desk that used to have your laptop sitting on it.
    9) The worst part is that all of this takes place before you manage to have your first cup of coffee.

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    Time to call in sick.
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