WMRC NEEDS Volunteers for this weekend!!!
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Thread: WMRC NEEDS Volunteers for this weekend!!!

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    Thumbs up WMRC NEEDS Volunteers for this weekend!!!

    Hi everyone. As many of you know, we have our final race round at Mission this weekend. As always, we need your help to pull this off. In our last few rounds we've been scrambling around in the mornings to make sure we have enough people in the corners for things to be safe for racers.

    Track setup is tomorrow night starting at about 6:30. Anyone who's ate it into a haybale knows how important this task is. The more hands the better, as always.

    We can never have too many corner workers. Experience is great but not necessary. Training will be provided, along with lunch and easily the best seats in the house. We expect some rain on the weekend but I can assure you that you will not be out in the rain all day. We have canopies from Pac Steel and Yamaha to keep you covered! That being said, I suggest you dress for rain and wear hiking boots. Corner workers meet at 7:30am on Saturday to get ready for the practice day and 7:30am on the race day. Feel free to post up if you're coming out.


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    When will the final disposal of the haybales take place?
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    Hey Isn't the Yamaha thing this weekend???? Saturday i think
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    R6 Chris
    I'll be there bright and early; hopefully tomorrow also.

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    I'll be working a corner on Sunday, sorry gotta work Saturday....
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    My tires are not well suited to the wet weather. I'll be in the corners Sat and Sun
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    I'll be out on Saturday for sure, but don't know about Sunday yet.
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    Myself and Kyjelly will be corner working on Sunday - cannot make Saturday.

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    Sorry, but I won't be able to make it over this weekend after all. Good luck to everyone, and hope it's a safe and exciting weekend of action.

    Hope to see you all at the banquet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thumper 8
    Myself and Kyjelly will be corner working on Sunday - cannot make Saturday.
    Hmmm, the OZ contingent eh...

    See ya there guys....
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    I'll be scoring on sunday and Jayson will be doing sound but we won't be there saturday..
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    I'll be out there both days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetshoes
    I'll be out there both days.

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    Sunday only in the "Tower of Doom" for me. I can't stand being around that halfwit Ted longer than a day....Oh! Wait he may read this...Damn! I mean I have to work Sat. That's it. Work for me....Man that was close.....
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    Due to unforeseen circumstances, won't be racing on Sunday, but in her spirit, I'll be volunteering on Sunday for sure, and will try to make it out for part of the day tomorrow. If it's raining tomorrow morning, I'll be out there all day trying to do what I can

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