Best time to get new gear?
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Thread: Best time to get new gear?

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    Best time to get new gear?

    newbie here ... what is the best time of the year to buy new jackets and pants?

    At season end (like now)? or wait till the bike show in the new year?

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    Cheapest prices will probably be in the fall or early spring on last year's stock, but selection will be limited.

    You will probably also see "welcome back" specials in the spring when everyone is getting prepared for the riding season.

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    There's often good deals at the bike show, and all the dealers are in one place. Easy shopping around.

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    if you have the bike and no gear... no time like the present. if you are riding already cost would be a back seat to protection in my mind.

    that being said.. the bike show has deals, but its not always on new stock. it more than likely is clearance inventory, so if you don't mind something non current, you can save a few bucks. but don't expect a steal.

    hit up a few shops and see what they are offering now. you might find something good at a price that is reasonable, and be all geared up now instead of later.

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    Just find out what you like, make sure it has the proper safety features, then buy it whenever. I wouldn't chintz on something like safety gear, and ride with something less than top notch just to save a few bucks.
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    BK is having a customer appreciation sale soon. Give them a call about it
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    Check out the bike show or call the stores and ask if they have any gear on sale or clearance. Modern, Imperial, Richmond sometimes you have some time between now and next years season.

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    Keep looking on this site.
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    Just after Xmas, people get desperate and often unload
    their gear for cheap to pay for Credit cards/Xmas expenses.
    I don't care if it is not the current fashion because I don't buy new gear every year anyways.
    Just don't buy a used helmet.

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    Not so sure that there is a best time to buy - the end of season sales usually have limited selection and sizes and by when things start up in the spring, it's likely near gear and styles so don't expect sale pricing. That said, you usually can negotiate a discount even on regular priced goods, especially if you've just taken a motorcycle training course or if you are buying a number of items. Bike shops will listen to an offer even on merchandise; just remember that they do have to make a profit too to stay in business and feed their kids (and other habits).

    Shop around, find what you like and your size, then call around the shops and try online retailers too. The bike show, imo, is highly over-rated and while there are a few good deals to be had, most of it is the same stuff already sitting on the floor that they're trying to clear out and haven't, as well as stuff you can simply get right now for a decent price. I've never been to the show and found something I thought I just had to buy b/c I hadn't seen it elsewhere or it was such a good price. It's kind of like Boxing Day sales = lots of hype, very few really good deals, lots of people, etc.

    If I were you, I'd spend a day or two going to the different shops around time, meet some of the people, ask them questions and see what they can offer you. Probably get a better deal and better service than waiting for the bike show.

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