URGENT! insurance agent needed
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Thread: URGENT! insurance agent needed

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    URGENT! insurance agent needed

    Well what a pickle i'm in.

    To make long story short, i got a VI ticket for my car, and i need to renew my insurance in 2 days (i would fight it if i could, but i couldn't dispute it, only allow to file a complaint against the officer). So my question is, is there away to get around it or am i able to buy temp insurance till the VI is done?

    My rant:

    It is the most BS VI ticket ever!! (front head lights out, rear licence plate light are not stock color, racing peddles, enlarged muffler) I replaced the lights, i didn't have racing peddles to begin with, and got a smaller muffler for my car. I didn't and don't want to pay somebody 80 bux + tax just to check if my lights are ok so thats why I haven't done PVIP yet. ICBC letter says "Confirmation of a Private Vehical Inspection(PVIP) is required for your vehicle before you can renew your insurance." so i guess i'm out of a car for the week if i cant get this sorted out. Not too sure if anybody else got a hard time from that UBC cop, but i wast mouthing off or anything. dont want to play the race card here, but i sense that he doesnt like asians

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    chances are you cannot even get a day permit, as the vehicle has been tagged for an inspection.

    suck it up and get the inspection, then the insurance.

    as an idea, maybe stop into a cop shop and ask if they can do the inspection and sign off on it. i doubt they can, or will, but its worth a shot.

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    You can get a day permit. I bought a 78 FJ40 Land cruiser some years ago. I had to get it inspected before I could insure it as it was tagged for inspection. Slapped a day permit on her and off I went.

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    None right now...
    Mr. Murphy:

    Silly riceboy got busted. As someone pointed out, you can get day insurance, the reason being that you need to drive it somewhere to get inspected.
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    I've had my plates taken before on highway 99, so it depends on what 'box' got checked on the ticket. In my case I couldn't get a day permit... mine had to be towed... it sucked.

    Good luck

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