purchasing a work truck in the US
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Thread: purchasing a work truck in the US

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    purchasing a work truck in the US

    Hi guys
    Does anyone know the rules?
    If the same vehicle is on Canadian & US markets, is there any red tape, other than usual duty & GST paperwork to bring it in?
    I'm specifically talking about an Isuzu NPR or similar.
    Something like this:

    Not new, but not 15 years old either(the 15 year old rule for import)
    Has anybody got any experience bringing anuthing like this in?

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    Google must be getting harder to use. (just jokes)

    It isn't too difficult, but with DRL and KPH speedo's the cost can add up, but at least it is possible unlike trying to get something in from Europe.

    BTW, the WTO said Canada had to open it's markets to used and new vehicles...we said ya some day, maybe 2010.

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