Clutch Slippage
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Thread: Clutch Slippage

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    Clutch Slippage

    I was going up a pretty steep hill yesterday. I had to rev it a bit more from a dead stop than I usually would have. After that I started shifting with clutch slippage a couple times. It is fine now though.

    Is that a sign of something? Or it is just something usual?


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    could be time for a clutch.depends on the rider and the mileage.

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    it means you should switch to the newer heavier clutch plates.

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    Start by checking the free play on your clutch lever. The lever should be loose for the first portion of the travel then tighten up as the free play comes out of the system. Look at the ball on the end of the lever. You should be able to easily pull in the lever so the ball moves about 1 to 1,5 cm before you feel it tighten up.

    If you don't have this free play then adjust the cable tension adjuster on the lever where the cable goes into the lever assembly. There's a knurled ring in there for this little job.

    If this is all the problem is then you're good to ride on. If it turns out that there is free play without any need to play with it then your clutch may be getting close to it's end. But the lever adjustment is far more common and needs to be done regularly during the life of the clutch.
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