I have reciept. Bought in Jan. 2004 Approximately 2 years old.
TV model # 36AF43
TV originally cost 1499.00
+ Tv stand for 199.00
1700 before tax.
with remote.


Remote Control Universal remote control - infrared
Image Aspect Ratio 4:3
Dimensions (WxDxH) 38.3 in x 24.3 in x 29.8 in
Tuner Qty 1
Display Technology CRT
Wire Technology Type CRT - FST Pure
Diagonal Size 36 inches
Image Aspect Ratio 4:3

bought it last year for 1300 cad. used
Model number is Tp50g60.
900 obo


Toshiba 50-Inch High-Contrast Dark- Tint Screen
2-Tuner Picture-In-Picture (PIP)
37-Key Preprogrammed Universal Back-Lit Remote Control A touch of a key lights up the entire keypad, for easy operation in the low lighting of your home theater. The remote is preprogrammed to operate all features of the Toshiba TV, and key features of a variety of VCRs and cable boxes
600 ft.L. Brightness
Parental Channel Lock
180-Minute Sleep Timer 181-Channel Tuning
800 Lines of Horizontal Resolution
SAP MTS with dbx® Bass/Treble/Balance Controls
I2C Digital Chassis
Picture Preference Provides automatic picture settings for NORMAL viewing, a richer, high-contrast THEATER mode, and CUSTOM preferences.
Velocity Scan Modulation Color Temperature Control Black Level Expander
Front Surround Sound
Sub-Bass System Selectively enhances key bass frequencies
2 S-Video Inputs, 1 Front,1 Rear 3 A/V inputs, 1 Front, 2 Rear 1 A/V Output, Rear Dual RF Inputs Fixed and Variable Audio Output
Gold-Plated Color Stream™ Color Difference Input

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