Finally got myself my own bike!
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Thread: Finally got myself my own bike!

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    Finally got myself my own bike!

    But it's not a sportbike... it's a '82 Honda Silverwing 500. It's going to be my commuter and should also be a lot of fun to take cruising in the summer.

    Pretty sweet bike though, it's only got 17,000 km on it, looks mint, and they have a reputation for going forever. I rode it today, loved it, and will be paying $2000 after tax and taking delivery from the owner tomorrow.

    Anyone know if there's like any "" that I should join now

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    Congratulations, and good for you for making a sensible choice for a first bike. You can hone your skills and just enjoy getting used to the riding experience, rather than worrying about dropping something brand-new, five times more expensive and with more power than you need right now. You might decide it's all you ever want, but even if you decide on a pure sportbike later on, at least you'll have some solid experience under your belt before you hop on something more modern and pricey.

    Have fun.
    "When in doubt, FLAT OUT!"

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    Honda Silverwing, isn't that a anorexic Goldwing without fairings? Hehe. Congrats though man. My first bike was a 1988 Honda CB450s, awesome little bastard.

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    Yeah, you pretty much got it there - however it has an identical front fairing to the Goldwing. While test riding today in the rain it kept me almost completely dry while moving. Doesn't have any fairings over the engine though.

    I took ProRide so I feel pretty comfortable riding a motorcycle - but I really don't have the money (or responsibility) to ride a sportbike yet, so this little touring bike will have to do!

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    Good choice. My friend has a '80 cx500 (same engine I think) and it's closing in on 100,000km. Those engines do go forever.

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