2005 HusaberG 650e SuperMotard
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Thread: 2005 HusaberG 650e SuperMotard

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    2005 HusaberG 650e SuperMotard

    I have a "Brand New" Husaberg 650e SuperMotard for sale. It only has 1871 KM's on it and is in mint condition! It came street legal right out of the box! There is still 8 months of factory warranty left on the Berg! I have some extra "goodies" for it. I have to sell it as I am going back to school! You can view the bike at http://www.husaberg.se/EN/motorbikes...7532&back=true

    This is by far the best bike I have ever owned! I gave up my 2004 RC51 for it! I have never had so much fun on a bike before. 220 lbs, almost 70 hp = major fun. Super fast and will out perform sportbikes in the tight twisties!

    I bought it on June 25th, and paid $12,500.00 for it! I am asking $10,499.00 or best offer! Like I said it is in mint condition, I can email pics of it if you need to!

    I can be contacted at 250-714-8722, or at work-Spunk'y Motorcycle Shop(www.spunkysmc.com) 250-248-8828, or by email-misterkirby@hotmail.com
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    Hello everybody, I have just reduced the price to $9,999.00! I have to sell it as I am going to school, I would possibly be open to offers as well!


    I have done some more homework on the price of my Husaberg...I thought that it may be more attractive to walk away from it now! So right now, I will let it go for $9,100.00! You can not buy anything equivalant to this 650 for $9,100.00!

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    It is still available for those who want the baddest supermotard on the planet!

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