When squirels attack
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Thread: When squirels attack

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    When squirels attack

    Just watching the Discovery channel at 0210 about this little squirel attacking people in westervile(?). It made alot of them bleed...

    a policeman killed it with a bb gun, poor squirel

    Anybody here been attacked by a wild squirel or small animal?

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    A stray cat has swiped me on the arm before because I ran outta food for him.

    A crow has lunged at me.

    A squirrel has climbed up to my knees.

    A swan or them goose things have tried to eat my hand (so it seemed).

    My rabbit bit my nose.

    But to really answer the question - No.

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    Maybe you shouldn't approach them this late at night!

    Check this squirrel attack site ---> here! <---


    ---> Here! <---

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    we used to shoot them back home.
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    ...just trap them with those metal traps you can get at Chinatown and drown them.
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    A few years back I was standing by my bike as it was warming up in my driveway. I could hear these crows on the next building making a bunch of noise but I didn't think anything of it. Next thing I know one of them swoops down and pecks me on the head. It was insane! It really hurt! So I put my helmet on (too late) and rode down to see my wife at work. I told her what happened and she looked at my head to see it was bleeding. Beware the crows! They are all out to get you! End of small animal story.

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    i got bitten by a squirrel it was like 12 years ago i was 13 ,and i was at a cabin near kamloops i think the lake was called hefley lake, and we were staying there with my family and my sisters and there kids, its was early one morning and the sun was shining in the cabin and i couldnt sleep it was about 6 am so my two little (nefews)opps) were up to. so were up and trying not to be loud cause everyone else is sleeping and they see this squirrel on the patio and they decide to scare it into the cabin and it runs right inside so they follow it in the squirrel is jumping around on the cubboards, the fridge, the couches meanwhile the kids are srceaming and laughing next thing ya know there more kids and everybodys up and yelling, the adults are like get it out the kids are throwing bread at it, just pure madness so anyways im standing by the door and the squirrels had enough he bolts for the door but im in the way so he jumps on my leg and bites me, right where one day before i had burned myself on the exhaust on my dirtbike so now im jumping around one one leg everybodys up and the squirrel is gone and that is my story.

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    I was attacked by a bat last night on my ride home. Clipped it with my side mirror though. Hope the blind bastard gets a headache.
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    Big Jim knows what to do to squirrels:


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    "Stone the Crows" and re: Squirrels (Courtesy Ogden Nash)

    A squirrel to some is a squirrel,
    To others , a squirrel´s a squirl.
    Since freedom of speech is the birthright of each,
    I can only this fable unfurl;
    A virile young squirrel named Cyril,
    In an argument over a girl,
    Was lambasted from here to the Tyrol
    By a churl of a squirl named Earl.


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