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    I've purchased my R1 3 weeks ago and i'm itching to put on slip on and a cat elimanator and a power comander bit I was told by my dealer to wait for the warranty to run out beacause I was told if anything does come up I may be screwed should I wait or do the upgrades. Thanks
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    tough call i dont know well enough about the warranty and what the deal is but i would suggest you find out what exactly you can do (ie a slip on) i am also quite sure that unless you are racing you are going to be far more inclined to get the suspesion tuned in as the new R1 will deffinatley get you there fast enough .. but i do think some noise is always good get a slip on than do it all when your bike is all broken in and warraty is done .. but you also could just fuck it and do what you want to .. those bikes are made well , up to you .. . good luck though and nice bike

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