$500 Car, '84 Mazda 626
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Thread: $500 Car, '84 Mazda 626

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    $500 Car, '84 Mazda 626

    EDIT: Not for sale...yet.

    250,000kms (or something like that), lots of new or newer parts(last few years, with work orders for proof), including clutch, CV joints, transmission, engine work, tires, and a bunch of other stuff.

    Not air cared, not even washed or cleaned inside. Buy now save some money. I'll ask $1G+ once I clean it up and get it ready to put in the trader, but first I've got some work to do on my other car. So you might have a couple of days to think it over.

    EDIT: I've started to work on it so it is off the market for now. I'll make a new post if I'm going to sell it. Might just keep it as it has much better fuel consumption compared to my other car.
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