Good Deal on GS500F?
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Thread: Good Deal on GS500F?

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    Good Deal on GS500F?

    I just gone my motorcycle learner. Before I post my question, I just like to thank everyone on this forum with all your Q&A for new riders.

    1. Richmond Motorsports is selling 05 Suzuki GS500F for $4,999 (MSRP $6,799). Is that a good price? Any chance going lower than that price? Is it a good time to buy now? Can I get a better price somewhere else? Anybody know people that work at Richmond Motorsports?

    2. Recommendation on helmet, jacket, and glove.

    Thanks in advance!

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    A:1. ask them and see. don't ask us, we aren't the ones selling it. if they are motivated to move it, they will be willing to talk.
    2. get stuff that fits. who cares what brand it is, as long as its quality. and get boots too. you should be willing to spend some bucks here, as its your only protection!

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    Just make sure you compare "out the door" prices. The sticker is not always the indicator that you may think.

    That sort of sale price is pretty sweet. They won't shift much on it but you can probably get sweet prices on gear at the time of purchase.
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    Maybe try to nudgre freight and PDI, I wouldn't see them too enthused on moving the actual sticker price of the bike. Or yea, get some gear out of it as well, they are more willing to throw some discounts on that because it is jacked up unbelievably, where as they really only can make so much on an already discounted bike.

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    That's a pretty good price, in my opinion. I've seen people's used ones asking for more. I sincerely doubt they will move on it, that's 1700 off a 6700 product. The only other thing you may be able to do is get some discounts 15 or 20% off upstairs since it sounds like you need other gear.

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    I say buy it now and get the gears from upstairs with good discount like everyone said...I think you'll get a good deal for both.Thats where I bought my bike and gears too.

    Good luck
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    Have you thought about getting a GSXR 1000? I hear RMS throws in a helmet and some Timbits if you get one.

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    i agree with the get your gear with the bike idea for better discount... really you're giving them more business (esp if you being happy with the deal they gave you and choose their shop as your own and become a life long customer)

    but i think, at least in my observation and opinion, that this is the best time of the year to buy from a dealer... they always seem happy to discount on items that are still in stock, clearing inventory space for sweet new bikes in the spring =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeTee
    Just make sure you compare "out the door" prices. The sticker is not always the indicator that you may think.
    No kidding. Find out what the freight/PDI/document fees are first. These will ultimately determine how good a deal you are getting. But $4,999 plus battery/tire and PST/GST sounds pretty good for a brand new bike, in and of itself.

    Also, call other dealers and let them know. See if anyone else has one and if they will beat (not match) the price.


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    I'm selling my 1 year old GS500F - give me a shout on (604) 842 - 4848

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    I saw that deal out at RMS when I was buying my gear. It looks pretty good if you have the cash - I didn't so I got my old 500cc v-twin instead and am happy with it. They have roughly the same horsepower I believe, around 50hp.

    Remember as a newbie to ask for a deal in any shop on ANYTHING you buy. You should almost always get at least 10% on any item. "Are there any deals on today?" "Is there a sale on that?" and the ever popular "New rider discount?"

    I got all my gear to beat a competitor's price and then knocked down 30%, well 20% of that was from Proride, but it was still a good deal.

    Hell, I got 10% off the clymer manual, oil filter and antifreeze I picked up last week. You have nothing to lose by asking

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    Don't waste your money on a new bike. There are quite a few bikes for sale right now used that would fit your needs quite well. This will save you freight/pdi and one tax AND give you more money to spend on better gear. That being said I'm not sure if the new bike is a good deal or not but look out for the money making extras like extended warranties and documentation fees.
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