Course Compleated.
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Thread: Course Compleated.

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    Course Compleated.

    Well Harps and I have just finished the Sullivan Racing school, course compleated with no incidents on our behalf, there were 3 crashes. Now that I have my certificate and have sent in for the WMRAA license, what do I have to do to get a number for mission?

    Small group and lots and lots and lots of laps, over 270km on the track.
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    Congrats guys ...something I'm looking forward too for next year.
    Ride in peace my friends...

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    Re: Course Compleated.

    Originally posted by Digi168

    ...and lots and lots and lots of laps, over 270km on the track.

    That's excellent. I took the F.A.S.T. course Calgary and we only did about 40 laps tops.

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    Ooh ooh! I want a number too!!

    I wish I had the money for a track-only bike...I think I was probably riding a bit too carefully...afraid that I might crash.

    Beiu...let's see some pics! Even though there weren't many. (too busy on the track to take actions pics )
    Maybe Mediocre
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