ur thoughts on this bikes price?!
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Thread: ur thoughts on this bikes price?!

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    ur thoughts on this bikes price?!

    a guy phones me to trade his bike for partial trade on my car. anyways,

    its an 01 CBR F4i, custom black paint, yoshimura pipe, 16000kms, rear tire is fairly new, front is about 75% or so

    anyways he wants to know how much i would be looking for on top of the bike.

    he says he knows he can get me $4000 but that's probably it. i think i can get $12,000 for my car as is....so that'd be $8000 for this bike...that's ridicuoulsy high right?

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    Tell him to sell the bike and give you all the cash. Cash doesn't come with hidden problems, a bike might.

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    I am a little confused as to what your asking. If the bike he is trading you is considered 4000, I would say thats a very cheap f4i...and what the hell is wrong with it. If its 8000, that would be a little high for a 2001 f4i.
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    16000km...you can forget about it...

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    yeah that's i thought...16,000kms is SORT of high for a bike is it not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grip72
    yeah that's i thought...16,000kms is SORT of high for a bike is it not?
    ummm i put 21,000 on my 05 VFR in 3 months

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    no 16000km is not high for a bike, espeically a 4 year old bike. that's 4000km a year? I would say that's too low and look for maintence issues.

    8000 bucks for a 4 year old bike is crazy.
    anyone wanna lend me a bike ?

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    You're in FSJ, so you won't get too many options to take a bike + cash on trade. You might be better off just selling your car and going from there.

    The mileage on the bike is a non-issue, but if it's been painted, that might suggest an accident at some point.

    Good luck.
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    none at the moment
    6500$ - 7000$ for an 2001 F4i and no 16000 km for a 2001 bike is pretty low.
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    I got a 94 CBR900RR with 17000km on it...... You think thats high? It looks like it came out of a crate in fact it has that new bike smell still...

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