GIXXer And Truck STolen (Maple Ridge)
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Thread: GIXXer And Truck STolen (Maple Ridge)

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    GIXXer And Truck STolen (Maple Ridge)

    (posting for my cousin)

    Our motorcycle was stolen Wednesday, October 19th between 5pm to 6pm. We believe that they used our truck to take away the bike. We live in the area of 232nd Street in Maple Ridge.

    The motorcycle is a 1993 Suzuki GSX-R 750, blue and white and if driven, the wheels have value covers on them that light
    up blue when moving, the headlight is a really white light that almost looks blue and the brake light doesn't just come on solid red, it flashes around in a circle. Very distinctive. The motorcycle licence plate is E34394 and expires on November 5, 2005.

    The truck is a black 1998 Ford F150 with a canopy that is teal/greenish....the cab windows have spider web stickers on them. The canopy has no windows down the side of it. The windows have those rain protectors on them. The front headlights are the same really white/blusish looking lights with fog lights below. This is a 4 wheel drive vehicle. We just put on brand new running boards. The truck plate is 0401-JF and the insurance does run out tomorrow, October 21, 2005.

    If anyone does see them, could you please call 911 (ask for Maple Ridge Police) or even us at 604-290-7769 or 604-290-5481. I have attached pictures of both vehicles.


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    that sucks man......ill keep my eyes peeled.

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    Man that sucks to hear. I hope they find it soon.
    Good luck.
    When speeding run from the cops, it's a lesser infraction.

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    ouch, a double whammy
    So much work & so little time!!

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    F-150: Best selling pick-up in Canada; Easiest stolen truck in Canada; Most desirable truck when a Gixxer is in the box.

    Tough Luck. I hope you find 'em and runn'em over whey you get it back. (think positive!)
    I love the sound of an idling bike early in the morning

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    I will keep a look out in the burnaby area

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    Wow, that sucks. I will be on the lookout, thanks for the pictures.

    The bike should be easy to spot.

    I hope your next vehicle will have an alarm-immobilizer installed. They are cheaper to install than your deductible probably is.

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