Women cant drive.
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Thread: Women cant drive.

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    I just got home (thank god). I was heading up arbutus in the far right lane. It was all clear till i noticed a bmw 5series pulling out of a side street. At first i thought she saw me but then she pulled out half her car blocking my way! I had split seconds to evade or else i would of smashed right into her. Good thing the car to my left saw this and gave me space to evade the god damn beemer pulling out.

    As i got to a red light (@king ed) i pull up beside the woman in the bmw and just stare at her. She dint even have the courtesy to turn her head to look at me, let alone, even say sorry! What a bitch! That has been the closest i had gotten to an accident so far.

    Thank god i took Action! I did the right thing at the right time without even thinking about it. Those evasive manouvers in the parking lot really paid off.

    Anyway, thatz my story. Any1 else have any close calls today?
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    thats all that happened?

    most people experience that several times a day. if they don't, something is wrong with the planetary alignment.

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    way to be politically correct though...

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    Probably didn't say anything cuz she probably didn't think she did anything wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PUREVIL
    Probably didn't say anything cuz she probably didn't think she did anything wrong.
    And THAT is the scary part......

    The ones that get me are the creepers. You know, the ones that are looking at you but creeping out and into the intersection anyway probably with intent to whip out behind you but you're never really sure if they see you or not and actually are just winding up to drive right into you. I've started slowing for those and even have beeped the horn at them. I doubt it helps but at least I feel better.
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    Planetary alignment.... lol

    Yeah thatz true. Does happen alot eh. Just this time was too close for comfort. Ill be sure to and space myself in traffic more accordingly next ride.

    and yeah, I second that, TeeTee. So true.
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    it's not just women. a lot of men suck at driving too.

    yesterday I was going to work in the morning on a 2-lane road. I was in the left lane behind a big semi truck, I signalled and changed lanes to pass...got half way past the truck and in the middle of an intersection I get passed in MY lane by a white minivan going like 110...sandwiched me between him and the truck and scared the SHIT out of me.

    I caught up to him and got beside him and did the same thing Kdawg420 did. Stared, but i yelled too but the asshole wouldnt look at me...probably because he knows he is a FUCK... I got pissed that he wouldnt look so I bent his mirror and turned off to work...

    I couldnt believe how fast he whipped by me, with less than a foot of space.

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    Thatz hella sketchy

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    i had a few real close calls this past week....getting sick of it. people can't drive. i counted more than 10 idiots on cell phones from Main/41st to Oak/41st today. because they are on the phone, they don't shoulder check or signal....just con't on blah blah blah.

    is the "no cell phone while driving law" into effect?

    i like the bending-mirror trick....going to try that to the next idiot who runs me off the road and tail-gaters.

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    strange days... this morning on the way to work i had to honk that 5 motorists! usually it's only 0-2 motorcists... most are people who just aren't looking before they change lanes... or pull out without looking...
    but this morning... i'm waiting at a stop sign because a dumbfounded van is approaching... and he stops right in front of me... just stops and does nothing... i give a polite honk... he still does nothing... just sits there blocking me... i give a "hey man, what are you doing?" honk... he continues to sit there in dumbfounded stupidity.... i give him a "move already" honk and he starts to pull a uturn in this intersection in front of me! not wanting to deal with him anymore, i took off and went to work...

    sandwhiched by a 110kph van! damn!!! maybe he was drunk? would it be bad to call the police and report erratic "suspected drunk driving" ?
    probably a white van like the van that continued and continued to change lanes into me despite a lot of honking, forcing me into oncoming traffic... unable to go forward, unable to pull back without being hit by another car...

    only three times in my only 8 month riding career have i wanted to get off the bike and he-bitch-man-slap the driver... big dangerous white van was one of them... if someone did what your stupid white van driver did... i'd wanna beat the guy... or at least yell at him or verbally abuse him...
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    Picking on women drivers is not cool in my books. There are tons of people that are very inattentive when behind the wheel of an automobile. Dont just pick on one demographic. Poor drivers are poor drivers whether they are women or men of what have you.
    Just my .02

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    Sadly, it's still legal to drive and talk on the phone AFAIK, unless you get tagged for driving without due care and attention.

    I agree with TeeTee as well, the ones that get me are those who come barreling across the white stop line and stand on the brakes just before they enter the intersection, usually from side streets. I had one do that yesterday, I was just about to go to full binders when he stopped. Perhaps not dangerous (perhaps...) but still require me to go home and change my shorts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kdawg420
    At first i thought she saw me but then she pulled out half her car blocking my way!
    mistake #1 - assuming some moron saw you. and most of the time, they do see you but figure, "oh he'll stop"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slightly Insane
    mistake #1 - assuming some moron saw you. and most of the time, they do see you but figure, "oh he'll stop"
    I couldn't agree more. I am about to help teach my brother learn how to ride. And that is the biggest thing I keep telling him "never assume" I even told Hershey this as well before he got on a bike. Fuck, welcome to riding a bike in the city, or any city for that matter. I rate situations in two categories, one where I Just flip them off right away, and one that warrants the horn right away. Learn where your horn is. It isn't very loud, but when they almost side swipe you and it is right in their window, they hear you. I have had it save my ass more than a couple of times on the freeway. And as for the "women can't drive" I gotta say about 90% of the time I almost get smucked on the highway, it is a man in a truck.

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    Phil and I were riding downtown. We were in the inside lane and the outside lane was bumper to bumber. Some shmuck decides to change lanes into the moving lane and split me and Phil through the middle. I got away but Phil had to slam on the brakes, he locked up his front tire and he just about dropped the bike. So I guess the moral of this story is: watch out for spontaneous lane-changers. Especially when riding along a line of cars like we were doing.

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