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    WTB:80's Motorcycles

    Hi there.

    I am looking for 80's standard/metric or sport bikes. Not interested in cruisers.

    Please let me know what you have. I'd rather buy from someone here before venturing into the world of ebay.

    Please provide as much detail as possible. Pictures/History/Maintenance/Records/VIN. I'd prefer a bike in town (Vancouver) but its not outside the realm of possibility to drive out of town for the "right" bike. (Yeah, I know, its all relative). Even though we are talking 20+ years here, I know that its not totally unreasonable to ask that the bike not have more 60k km. Not to say I won't look at something that has 75k km, but it shouldn't look like it was abused.

    Im specifically buying these typed of bikes because of the style, not because I am cheap or looking for a 500 dollar bike.

    It's a bit of a tall order. Low mileage - 15-25 year old motorcycle, but you never know. You might have something or know of someone who's trying to get rid of a bike just like I described. Digging for "treasures" is half the fun.

    I'm on craigslist and usedvancouver and here almost everyday. Ebay is next.

    I have the right money for the right bike.

    Please PM me or email me at imbuyingbikes@gmail.com

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    Hi Everyone.

    Thanks to everyone who sent me their bike info. I picked up this bike today.

    Now to invest in some serious motorcycle security.

    See you out there.

    Thanks again.

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