FS: Replica guns. DESERT EAGLE .50 AE / GLOCK26c
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Thread: FS: Replica guns. DESERT EAGLE .50 AE / GLOCK26c

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    FS: Replica guns. DESERT EAGLE .50 AE / GLOCK26c

    email me at: kanelupis@gmail.com 18+ buyers only plz

    For sale at about $500 is the following:

    *Desert Eagle .50 AE HardKick ($300) Tokyo Mauri
    *1 standard black magazine
    *1 extra silver magazine

    *Glock 26c Auto Compact ($200) KSC (full auto capable)
    *1 standard G17 22 round magazine
    *1 hi capacity 48 round magazine (for when you're going full auto)

    *Metal Case with cutout foam

    *Tactial Vest - black
    seen some action but looks ok
    broken front buckle (out of 3 buckles)

    *Red Dot Scope with a used batt and a new extra one
    for use with the Desert Eagle's top rail

    *Holsters for both the Desert Eagle and the Glock

    *Propane adaptor for use with those BBQ propane cans (propellent for guns)

    *about 2000 BBs 0.2gram 6mm standard with quickfeed bottle

    As you can see the $500 is for the Desert Eagle and the glock. everything else was thrown in for free since I'm getting out of the sport.

    I can break up the Pkg likely as follows

    Desert Eagle, Red Dot scope and batts, holster and the 2 magazines.

    Glock26c, holster and the 2 magazines.

    $15 for case
    $20 for the propane adaptor

    When I bought these items, they were priced as follows:
    Desert Eagle: $325
    DE extra mag: $80
    Glock 26c $300
    G26 hi cap mag: $75
    Tactical vest: $100
    Red Dot: $30
    Case: $45

    Total: $955

    For those of you who don't know what airsoft is. it's a sport where you dress in combat gear and do similated combat with realistic guns. Hence, these guns here are full function gas powered full scale replicas of their counterparts. This means, safeties, slide recoil, magzine feed and slide locks are functional.

    note- for the pics of the case, the desert eagle that is silver in there is not the gun I'm selling, that silver gun met an unfortunate end. Instead just picture that gun but being black. The current case configurations however are similar to the pic. All gun pics are SCANED in with a high resoution scanner. Larger pics for scratch inspection are avaliable (on the order of 20 megs).

    www.planetairsoft.net for info
    the desert eagle has been rated to shoot at 325 Feet per second with a 6mm spherical plastic BB at 0.2 grams (standard ammo) Web Cam demonstration avaiable upon request.

    While these guns are still in my possesion, anyone is welcome to take a look and get some photos done up with their bike, gear and a glloowwing orange sunset.
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