Best headsets/headphones for gaming/music/talk
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Thread: Best headsets/headphones for gaming/music/talk

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    Best headsets/headphones for gaming/music/talk

    Sooo many choices out there, 5.1 audio (with 4 speakers in a headset??), DSP, Active Noise Cancelling (noisy roommates)...wireless ear, out of ear.....on and on.

    What havve you guys found out there that works the best?
    I dont think I will be spending more than 100 bucks as I am not THAT hardcore of a gamer. I will also be using it for music and voice com as well (skype).
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    I'm a big fan of Sennheiser products.
    Local places like London Drugs can order any model for you.
    Check their website for headsets.
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    Princess Auto - Sony headphones $1.49! and they're bloody good
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