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    Servicing for the obsessive

    Just curious....How many of you actually follow your bike manual reccomendations for servicing. I bought my bike new and have maintained it accordingly....including cleaning&lubing the chain every 500Kms. Does anyone else maintain their toys per the book?

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    I usually do maintenance stuff more often than recommended...just to be on the cautious side. Basic maintenance is cheaper than what could result if you get lazy.
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    If you have a manual for your bike you are heading in the right direction.
    For your own safety it just makes sense to have things checked over. If you are unsure of more challenging maintenance have a professional do it. Bikes have a tendance to vibrate themselves a part, so it's good practice to go through the bike and make sure the fasteners are not vibrating loose. Every so often I will go through the bike and retorque things to spec. If I do not have a lot of time I just go over the bike by hand and with a sensitive touch I will check the fasterners. Things like changing the air filter, oil, maintaining the chain, retorquing fasteners etc. just takes time. More advanced maintenance like valve clearances, changing fork oil etc. sometimes requires more knowledge and specific tools.

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    the manual is a good outline but you should read between the lines too.

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    I'm not anal about the actual kms so sometimes things will go a couple of hundred k's past or sometimes they are done a little early if there's prep for a big trip or similar.

    SS is right too about reading between the lines. Do what it says but keep an eye open for other things. Also in some cases you can go well past what the book says if you know what you're looking for. Clutch cable replacement is a perfect example. If you keep it clean and working well it may last twice as long as they say with ease.
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    When I had a bike with a chain, I would clean and lube that thing after every day's ride. I will go over the bike and look for loose fasteners and check tire pressures every time I ride. Same goes for checking oil. If my bike runs into problems, at least I know what it isn't. You get a rep for how you maintain your bike and when it comes time for resale, it goes a whole lot smoother.

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    I used to be anal-retentive (does anal retentive have a hyphen?) about vehicle maintenance, but i've decided to change.
    Now I'm merely fastidious.
    I would consider the owners manual as a basic *minimum* maintenance.
    However, having said that, I have no concerns about riding 10,000 miles in 11 days, and not changing the semi-synthetic oil.

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    None right now...
    I maintain mine as per the book, with the exception of oil changes. The book says every 12,000km (!!!!). I do it every season, which usually means somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000.
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    Yes i do with everything i own

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