Carter screwed up, again
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Thread: Carter screwed up, again

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    Carter screwed up, again


    Bike is fixed! Honda paid for parts and I believed Carter will pay for labor. Details are scetchy.

    All in all, It doesnt give me back the last riding season, or the satisfaction of riding a good bike, but it looks like its over.

    Re-edit: I have to put the original post back up:

    We hinted before at having problems dealing with Honda, about a factory defect on a 2004 CBR 1000RR. Here is a recap of what we went through since we bought the bike.

    We bought 2 new CBR’s back in late July 2004, one 600RR and one 1000RR. This was done between Carter Granville and Coquitlam. We went to Carter for a couple of reasons, one being Mike Bruce GM of Carter motorsport a former family friend. The other one being Troy Burstick, whom should require no introduction on this board.

    After a couple thousand kilometers, we notice a bit of an oil consumption from the 1000RR and mentioned it in passing to Troy, now service manager. We were told to keep riding it, which is all we were expecting at this point. After all, the oil consumption was noticeable but minor. By the end of the riding season(October/November ‘04), the oil consumption had jumped to about a pint every 500km. The bike had ~5500km on it by now.

    We called Carter and told them all about it. Since the bike was going to be off the road until the next season, I mentioned that there was no rush; they can take the bike whenever convenient. Troy told me to call him back in the new year and they would take a look.

    Fast forward to January. I call them back and we arrange to have the bike dropped off. They take the bike in, but tell me they want to wait till the new mechanic starts working there. No problem, I wasn’t planning on riding till April anyways, I could care less at this point.

    Once the new mechanics checks the bike out, Troy tells me that they found oil in the intake box. Not good. They took the head apart and found scoring on the exhaust valve and guides. Really not good.

    Now this is where it starts going wrong. They ordered the parts needed, but never bothered ordering them “unit down”(Even after we told them that it shouldn’t take that long). Parts were back ordered and it took them 4 weeks to get them. Once they had the valve guides, they found out that the intake valves were fucked too!

    Now, not only did it take an extraordinary amount of time to order the parts, they didn’t even bother making sure they had everything else they needed to replace. So something that should’ve taken 2 weeks, went on to take over 4 months.

    So, we get the bike back in May. I’m away so Michaela(the girlfriend, for those not in the know) picks up the bike. The bike is rideable, but makes a bunch of funny noises. My mechanic identifies one as the cam chain tensionner. Send the bike back to Carter. They muddle some more with it, and end up changing the cam chain tensionner 3 times. Still, some unidentified noise are still present (we have 2 1000rr at this point, we had a benchmark).

    Long story short, we start exchanging letters with Honda. We go back and forth for a bit, but it leads us nowhere. Mike and Troy feed us a bunch of bullshit, but really don’t do much. So we take the bike back, ride it for a bit.

    The bike is down on power and still makes noises. We decide to take it a step further and contact whoever is above Mike Bruce. This guy (Jesse) is abashed at all this and tells us to take the bike to Carter Granville. We comply.

    After 3 weeks, they told us they took the engine completely apart and found out the bottom end is fucked.

    I lost almost my whole riding season and my faith in Honda. I still don’t have the bike and no end is in sight. I played their game all this time and all it did was fuck me over worst. I was patient, I thought we were friends.

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    Get your things from her place, get wasted, go to a strip joint. Move on. There are other manufacturers out there..

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    I think you have every reason to be pissed.....but for every big dealer out there ..Im sure theres 100 stories just like yours ...they just want your money ..and thats it you had such a bad deal with a honda product ...I think it should have been handled in a much more professional way ...warranty motor from Honda ..end of story ...!! I hope you get it resolved soon ...Good luck ..

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    Fuck Honda. I'm more pissed at getting bad service from people I thought were friends. I take this as a personal betrayal.

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    Ordinarily I see these threads and chalk it up as isolated incident, another rant from an unhappy consumer. Every shop gets slagged at some point. This thread's the exception as there's noteworthy merit to a problem that goes beyond being 'an event' to occupying a measurable -lengthy- period in time... an obviously f*cked-up period it seems. I truly wish you luck in straightening things out (if that's possible).

    I hope Carter understands that these things are happening, too often, and they need to acknowledge it ...and invest in their organization, top-down. If not, and the problems continue: the parent company will invest in the necessary change... and that too will work 'top-down'.

    I'm happy with a few folks at Carter -truly- but as for the company itself, I wouldn't waste my spit on their sidewalk.
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    Perhaps you can make them aware of this thread to help "speed up the process" since many MANY people have completely lost faith in Carter.

    I have absolutely excellent experiances every time I go into Honda on 1st st. Nothing but good things to say about their service there.

    Can you get your bike transfered there?

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    Should Have bought a Yamaha

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    Hmm...that really sucks. I guess it's true what they say about not mixing friendship with business.

    I don't mind sending other people to my friends' businesses, but I will rarely take my own business there. I've just had too many awkward deals where I walked away feeling ripped off but didn't feel right about complaining to my friend.

    ...I've never dealt with Carter, but thanks for sharing your story. It's a good warning.

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    Sorry to hear of your experience. I would demand a buyback at this point, leave the lemons for the dealer to deal with. As for friends, in your lifetime there are only a few that will qualify as real friends, all the rest are just buddies.

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    perhaps you were 'the exception that proves the rule'...? (rule of Carter being ok)
    I've never dealt with them so I wouldn't know.

    It sucks when this shit happens to you though.
    Like when you pick something up in a box with just a little tear in the packaging annd you either ignore it or don't pay attention,
    than when you bring the shit home, it turns out all the mounting hardware, or a small but crutial part fell out right through that tear...

    I got to say though, through past experience -seems like being too nice doesn't pay off.
    Usually a loud-mouthed fucking asshole will get his faster, because a).they don't want other customers to see it and b).they just want the guy to get the fuck out and not come back

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    I'm shocked and dismayed at the actions of Carter..... really..... well ok.... maybe not so much.

    Did they ever find out the root cause?
    Was it some early production issues or something? Engines dont just suddenly blowup like that unless you revved the piss out of it when it was cold and during its break in period.....which they wouldve known.

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    So now its HONDA = JUNK ?

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    bad, m'kay?
    Woohoo HONDA=JUNK

    ..wait a minute..I own a Honda
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