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    New to the bike scene

    I'm new to the bike scene and want to learn more about diff mods and stuff for bikes.

    I already know about the basic stuff like SS brake lines, exhausts, suspension and stuff.

    What are some KEY mods that will help your bike all around. Performance, handling and such....


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    Get the suspension set up by Bomax. Get some good pads on the front. I personally like high tech stuff like gear indicators, enginr management etc.

    Gearing can be played with quite a bit too.

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    Any of the bikes from the last 10 years are so good that there's really nothing you NEED to do. If you buy used then I'd have a good mechanic like BOMAX or the guys from Imperial look it over really well and perhaps have a more knowledgable fellow from the board here ride it for a while and suggest any changes. (I'm available pretty much any time it's not raining....... )

    Some bikes can benifit from brake lines and better pads and others could use a better set of fork springs (my F2 track toy for example). Others just need a little bit of suspension setting up (my old 98 ZX9R). But bear in mind that anything you do is just polishing a diamond. Any of them are better at this than either you or I are.

    In any even the best thing you can do at this point is take a course and sit on a lot of bikes to see which fits you the best. There's usually one out of the mainstream that's just that little bit different that says "I'm the one". But they are all so nice it's more a question of "blonde, brunette or redhead fitted to the same body".

    Mind you I'm assuming from your info box that you are new to riding.........

    PS: Of course there's LOTS of little custom things you can do like trimming the rear fender and adding flush mount signals but all that is just visuals...... Forget about sprocket changes and other stuff that you need to mess around with until you get some miles under you. All of todays sportbikes are rockets on 2 wheels and are WAY better than any new rider can cope with if you let them encourage you into pushing the limits.. This doesn't mean they are hard to ride. Quite the opposite in fact. But they just keep encouraging you to go faster and faster until you suddenly realize that you've gone deeper than your skills and then it's pain city........

    PPS: On second thought I'm going to move this to General. It's really more of a first timer question. You'll get more opinions over there......... ........

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    Having the suspension set up to match your weight and riding style is the cheapest (free!) mod you can do. It will make quite a bit of difference too.

    But it you want to start spending money, think about investing in yourself. Take a course like the ART, buy a book or watch a video (try the library). Money spent on improving *your* skills will get you a lot farther than any money spent on go-fast equipment.

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    they did this test with 20 amateur street sportbike riders...they only controlled thing between then all was that they had never ridden on the track. They equipped GSXR 750's with stock suspension settings and had them ride em all day on the track. Next day without them knowing they had equipped 4 of the 10 bikes with Ohlins front forks and rear suspension and the riders set 3-4 sec faster lap times on the stock suspension. If you dont know how to use your equipment its useless to you...dont drop $3000 on suspension when you dont even know how to ride your bike. Simple things like my R6 and now my R1 really needed were steering dampers. out of every turn almost the front felt like a feather. exhaust are nice sounding but if you want the full potential re-jet (power cmd) is nice to go along with it...just remember that you can dump thousands into a bike. there is always something you can do to it...figure out how long you plan to keep your bike then move from .02

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    Where is this BOMAX? I keep hearing about it. I really have no idea how to set up my suspension, and would love some help.

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    I think the 1st and most important thing about setting up a bike first to have a bike

    BTW...welcome to the board!!!
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    If you want to test your riding skill to the extreme take an advanced riding course under controlled conditions that allow you to lean low enough to scrape your pucks and fast enough to get the rush out of you. I think the courses will start back up in April 2003 but something to look forward to.
    Took course this summer and had bike set up perfectly.
    Guys at Bomax won't do you wrong either to have it done right for your riding style.
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