The next V-Max?
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Thread: The next V-Max?

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    It's a nice bike. Cool glowing tuning forks, but I doubt that'd make production. Can't wait to see a production version.

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    Well it's about time! I don't like the tail so much but it a a rough prototype, once it it cleaned up and outfited with a decent headlight and guages, switches etc... it will take shape to be an awsome bike.

    I had a 86' v-max up to this summer when I switched to the FJR. The Vmax always left a grin on my face but I grew tired of the bias-ply tires, carberation, limited fuel range, heavy, so-so brakes and handling, etc..

    If I could have a few bikes the v-max would still be one of them tho

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    The tail is butt ugly..

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    It's changed but basically the same. Still looks too much like it was on steroids for too long and is muscle bound beyound belief. The size and added on radiators is a clue to the heat developed by burning the gas needed to make that level of power.
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    I like it. I'd like to see it in real life, but its not something that would make me trade in the streaker for.
    I wonder if it handles any better in aggressive conering than any of the pervious years?
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    I don't know about you guys, but i think the big ass chrome intakes on the side are butt fuckin ugly... BTW, are they just cosmetic, like in previous years? if so, i think they should go... rest of it looks sweet though...

    Edit: would look much better aircooled, without the huge rads...
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    I think it is a futuristic VMAX concept bike and nothing more. The hard plastic seat and the unfinished lines around the whole bike give it a away.

    This bike is no where near a finished production bike IMO.

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