help.Q how do you do a lean search?
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Thread: help.Q how do you do a lean search?

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    Question help.Q how do you do a lean search?

    I was wondering if anybody knew how to do a lean search?
    ive been searching ,but had no luck. thanx in advance

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    thanx gord. works for me. cheers

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    Important to do, almost bought my wife a car a few weeks ago and the seller lied about the lien on it.

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    it's a "lien" search...ICBC does them for about $10-$15 or something like that
    (document fee's)

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    Yup, just go to any icbc centre and tell them that you want a lien search done. Hand them the vin number and pay them $10 and in a couple of minutes they'll print you out a blank piece of paper if it doesn't have any liens. Well it has a couple of letters on the paper but that's about it.

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    None right now...
    You can do a stolen vehicle search on the CPIC website (free):

    You can do a lien search at any Driver Service office, according to ICBC (~$10):

    Or you can do a lien search online through CSRCORP (~$20):

    You can do an accident history search through the ICBC website (~$25):
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