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    Tokyo Motor Show (2005)

    What happens when you take the Vancouver Bike and Car show, put them together, multiply it by 2 or even 3 times, and add concept models? You get the Tokyo Motor Show. To put it into perspective, the weekends get about 100,000 people, and weekdays get about 50,000 each day. There are 4 halls, and a small (really small) stadium. All with bikes and cars. Bikes occupy 1 hall. Everything is here. Well, almost.

    First up, bikes. First place we went was Honda. The second you walk in the door, you see Hayden's RC211V waiting for people to take pictures. Not a big line up, so why not. Waiting right behind is a 1000RR race version. Another photo. In the corner, a motorcycle simulator. Hydraulics and all. Cool stuff. Honda had another Hayden bike, 2 NSF 100 (Hayden replica and Seven Stars replica). Add the Seven Stars RR, 3 more race bikes, and a small sample of their lineup and you have Honda's display. One of the best. Their stage contained prototypes. They also had a scoot prototype called the NP6-D. Looked like a long body ruckus.

    Next up was Kawi. I'll say this. Their stage was cooler. So were the girls. Too bad everyone else thought the same and pics were tough. The sad part is, no ZZR14 to sit on. They had a ZX10. It's still ugly, but better in person. The ZZR14 isn't. It's just ugly. (my opinion). On stage, they had a cutaway of the ZZR14. On the ground, you could try out the new ER-6(N). Sits like an FZ600 or a Z1000. Very upright. Overall, their setup was good too. They made up the ugly bikes with cute girls. Plus, you can try out most of their bikes. They only had Nakano's GP bike. I can't remember if they had others.

    Yamaha was a bit elitist. They pulled out all the prototypes, and new models, but hid them behind a barrier. Yes, they had the new R6. No, I couldn't sit on it. Yes, they had the cool blue limited R1. No, I couldn't sit on it. Talk about pain in the ass. Even the FJR was on stage. Not a single bike was on the floor to sit on. The coolest bike was the morphing bike. See my gallery for the name. The V-Max prototype was much better in person than in photos. However, it still looked a bit rushed for a prototype. The Gen-Ryu is interesting, but not something I want. Ugly, but still nice to look at. The hybrid scoots weren't bad either. I'd give Yamaha a big for the concepts and prototypes, but a thumbs down for lack of interactivity.

    Next was Suzuki. They packed the most. They crammed their section with EVERYTHING. The dirt bikes were cool. Especially the girl. All of their display bikes came on a wierd swivel(sp?) so you could turn the handle bars. Mind you, the bikes were still locked as if they were in a stand. No close ups. No room for pics. I was dissapointed that they didn't have a GSXR600 or 750 to try out. Just on stage. The dance show was interesting. The girls dance really wierd. The GSR 400 is really nice in person. Can't wait to see the full model. Also, the Stratosphere is nice. If you don't like the pictures, you won't like it in person. Looks exactly the same. The scooter selection is awesome. They had a Katana 50 and 125. Unavailable in Japan, but you can get them in Europe and Thailand. Looks like fun. They also had a vespa style scoot full of glitter. Makes me think of Mariah Carey.

    BMW had a nice display. Small, but they had bikes to try, and gear for sale. Ducati had the girls out all the time, but the bikes were roped off. Moto Guzzi and Triumph had small stands with only a few bikes each. HD had a medium sized stand, but I kinda just ran through it. Accessories? Arai had a small booth, but it was packed. CF helmets, display helmets, you name it. They had a case full of F1 helmets on display. Overhead, signed GP helmets. Nice stuff. The rest of the accessories were mostly add on stuff. Bling for your bike. They had cool lock covers. Either radio controlled, or magneticly opened. I think Zook(not too sure), had a cool bike lock. It was controlled by the electronic ignition lock. The new recognition within the key. Locks when you bring the bike in, unlocks automatically when you start up your bike. Cool stuff, but I'll keep my bike brace.

    Over in car land, the tire guys barely had any motorcycle tires. Brochures, but few or no displays. Pretty much if the car guys were there, they had at least one concept/prototype/hybrid on display. Most of them also had rally cars or race cars there. You could "ride" in a hybrid, but someone drove you. Sucky. The GT/TT booth was cool. You can see my review in the Tourist Trophy thread in the Open Forum.

    That's pretty much it. At least for now. Too tired from typing so much. Here's a link to my gallery for all the pics:
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    my brother in law is leaving this Sunday for Japan. He's going to check out the show as well.
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    nice pictures... looks like lots of fun and entertainment...

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    nice post and pics buddy ! looks like you are having fun over there

    see you on msn!

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    Air intake on the new R6 looks wicked, I guess they made it bigger the 05 models to pump out the 17 500 rpm redline
    Tmustang you are clear for take off

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