Hi guys,

I have a near mint, less than 100 kms Yoshimura RS-3 Race stainless steel, full system for sale, for the Suzuki SV650. It is still under the 1 year warranty with about 363 days left (see below for more info), and it comes with full instructions, dyno charts, and care sheets. I can include a copy of my invoice to show you how much you saved on this sale, compared to how much I originally paid for this. This system retains the passenger footpegs too. The pipe has never been dropped, with perfect finish and without scratches or dents, and plus, the pipes have not even turned golden yet. Yoshimura recommends that when you install the pipes, you should also get your carbs rejetted to bring out the true potential of this system. I had my carbs rejetted with the Dynojet kit, and for the brief time that i'm running the bike, I can say that there is a good improvement on low and midrange torque, with a solid boost in top end horsepower.

I can part with it for CDN$800.00 or your best offer. If you live in the Vancouver area, I can drop it off to you, or if you live elsewhere in Canada or US, shipping is an extra cost for you and the final total will be decided upon when you take the system either by FedEx, UPS or Canada Post.

It was purchased last thursday August 29 for my 2002 SV650s, was professionally installed by Modern Motorcycling in Vancouver, BC, and will be professionally removed providing its resale. This system has got to go as I personally find it a bit too loud. When I talked to Yoshimura tech support, they mentioned that I was one of the few exceptions to find that this is a loud system. Regardless of what they say, I need to sell this system and put that money back towards my credit card.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read this, and ride safe.

Please email me for any questions.

Vince Wu