ok people, think about this?
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Thread: ok people, think about this?

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    ok people, think about this?

    A few of my good friends just came back from Cancun where they were on their honey moon. They definately had some crazy stories but there was one that really got to me:

    The shelter situation had them in a theater house with 350 others and no running water. that means no flushing toilets. OK, so we'll agree that it definately sucks and is something we would be quite upset about if it happened to us. To add to the problem, the staff of the resorts were let go so that they could be with their families etc. However, many of the staff were so generous as to volunteer their time, literally cleaning up other peoples shit and vomit when the gravity feed toilets would get plugged. Along with cleaning, they collected and packed all of the vacationers belongings, and to my surprise nothing was reported stolen, and brought it to each person. Something tells me that would never happen in the americas -respect for peoples belongings that is(new orleans ring a bell).

    This is where it gets upsetting. You didnt hear a peep out of the mexicans about all the work they had to do under such pressure without pay, but for some ****ed up reason, it was us white folks that would be raving mad at those very selfless souls, demanding our money back and constantly bitching about the smell/heat, yada yada yada.

    what do we have to say for ourselves?

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    Well, I think that's great really - and I think a lot of those people (the Mexican resort workers) that the industry they work on relies heavily on good press and perhaps their own good morals helped guide them to do the right thing. America is an entirely different country let's not forget - where people haven't forgotten the human in human nature. I'm sure to a lesser extent Canada would be very similar to the US in the same situation as New Orleans - in that we'd truely see who the scum of the earth were; although I'd expect a much higher percentage to be helpful. It's all this damn 1st world country goodness that we take for granted.

    I was about to leave for Mexico (Cancun) on Nov 4th, although it has now been canceled. I'm sure though, that people living in the Gulf are used to this kind of extreme weather, and recover quickly from it (relatively).
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    I was to be in Cancun Nov 12th->19th for a conference and, despite the news coverage and info available to web-searchers [ ] it was only today that Air Canada cancelled my flights. Within minutes, my hotel also confirmed -finally- that their place was in ruins. None of this was disappointing...

    The cancellation(s) are a relief. I didn't want to go there once I'd seen what Wilma had done to the community. I'm not referring to the resorts or the beaches, but to 500,000 Mexican residents... the ones we've heard so little about from the media. I've been p*ssed at the Mexican authorities for limiting the info releases & cheesed at hotels & air-carriers for their similar silence. The only 'real' info, from folks who were there, has been the stories of how Mexican locals have personally assisted so many stranded vacationers - and continue to do so.

    IMHO, these ' locals as heroes' stories ought to have been broadcast all along while all official sources maintained their silence and buried the truth of the region's status under the remaining sand. Once the region's rebuilt, it'll be these kind local residents whose lives will depend on the support we give them in the form of our presence supporting their economy.

    After all's said and done... I wouldn't go to Mexico based on the behavior of the officials & stakeholders. I'd go for the residents; despite their own serious predicament(s), they continue to exemplify 'hospitality'. There remain hundreds of stranded travelers, Canadians among them, waiting to get out of Cancun and -despite what's reported- the only care they're getting is from the locals, personally.

    As for how we'd fare, Nova Scotia & Newfoundland did a brilliant job during 9/11, a credit to all of us. But Toronto's f*cking that up very well with its ongoing murder & mayhem while Vancouver's rep for whores & crack-heads probably would have emergency 'guests' preferring Whitehorse or Iqaluit. Seems to me that small cities/towns would measure-up better simply because they're accomplished at cooperating for the common good, town survival etc. Larger cities are divided by have/have not; the only accomplishments of larger cities ...are larger fences.

    My 2kms... from a Nova Scotian boy raised in a small community where people still leave their doors unlocked... waitin' for the one local hooker to make her rounds.
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