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    Earplugs - Podfitkit

    I found this mentioned on a gadget blog, it's a kit that lets you mold your own custom covers for your ipod headphones so they fit your ears better. It strikes me that the kit could be used to make a set of custom earplugs just as easily as a set of headphone covers.

    For the price it's worth experimenting, anyway. I happened to have some $$$ in my paypal account, so i've ordered a set. They come USPS, so it should be pretty cheap to get them into Canada.

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    Another idea which has appeared elsewhere on the forum is to use the Shure E-2 earbuds that lay flat in the ear and provide really good isolation from wind noise. Both Tony and I use them. Sound quality is awesome and they are efficent so you don't have to crank up the volume to hear the tunes. And to Tony's suggestion, use a Lululemon skull cap to keep the earbuds in place and to keep your helmet clean.

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