Need help preparing race bike
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Thread: Need help preparing race bike

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    Need help preparing race bike

    Hey guys,

    I just picked up an old F2 race bike, but its got a CF Akro pipe. I can get a stock 636 pipe for $100 but i know very little about compatibility and want to make sure it wont cause problems. Im guessing that there may be some carb tinkering to be done??? Simply measuring it up, it seems to fit though. Anybody know?

    Secondly, i can get some 165/630 r17 rear rubber, but i dont know if that will fit either. if anyone knows or has some links to some info, that would be helpful.

    This is my adventure to learn more about bikes. Im really just hoping to have fun out at the track and learn how to ride and how to maintain/fix bikes on the way.

    thanks in advance for any help,


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    You should post this up in the racing forum.

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    Ask Tee Tee. He's the F2 pimp. If memory serves right, there's a simple wheel swap that will allow you to run a common race tire. There's a certain SV superbike with an R6 can on it and it seems to work well for him. Just measure up the inlet and outlet diameters; clamps can be made easily. Unless you're lucky and it's incredibly tight, you may need to use some kind of exhaust gasket to help the sections seal. Next is a re-jet, crash protection, and all the other basic mods. Congrats on the bike, it should serve you well.

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    You can get standard 160 race rubber to fit the rims, no problem. The SV650's use that size too. On the front just use the regular 120/70-17. Never mine the 120/65 nonsense.

    You'll need to find a stock exhaust system for it. If it's the whole system then there's not a snowball's chance in hell that any old stock exhaust will fit the F2. All teh bends and mount points need to be in the right place and that's not likely at all. Or you can get SOME SORT of stock muffler that will fit the headers and header wrap the existing Akro headers. That's allowed within the rules as well. Just get one that fits or shim it so it won't leak badly.

    Congrats on a great track toy! It's fast enough to be fun but not so fast that it scares you into backing off.
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