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    ugly car crash saw this on speedzilla but thought it has two wheels sooo

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    Ya I saw this a while ago...heard the driver was killed on impact. Thats no suprise I guess. What a loss of 2 things, a life and a million $ supercar. Poor Enzo.

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    that charred out car near the bottom of the page doesnt look like an enzo

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    always got to be an smart ass reply in any thread and "Roadkill"'s reply takes the cake

    "The wheels and tires look okay. I wonder how much they want for them?"

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    You see this picture and one guy put in this comment

    "Judging by the amount and manner of dirt and shrubs dragged onto the the road and that this appears to have been a one car accident, my guess is that the Enzo was travelling at mid to high triple digit speeds when the driver lost control, perhaps by overcorrecting after a high speed pass where the driver had less margin than antiipated or perhaps he came up on slower traffic without a suitable gap to pass and went directly into the weeds. Either way, since there appears to be an absence of any hard barriers, it seems pretty likely that the car went into some violent cartwheeling which tore both the car and its driver into unrestorable pieces. "

    "Unless the car was stolen or being recklessly test driven by a friend, family member or a mechanic, this tragic scene clearly illustrates some of the terrible risks associated with being extremely rich."
    Tmustang you are clear for take off

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