SAT. Aug.31st - Accident between Whistler and Pemberton ?
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Thread: SAT. Aug.31st - Accident between Whistler and Pemberton ?

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    SAT. Aug.31st - Accident between Whistler and Pemberton ?

    Did anyone hear about an accident between Whistler and Pemberton around the 2-3pm timeframe.
    We were heading home at the time but traffic was backed up like crazy coming into Whistler???
    I hope everyone was okay ???
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    hopefully not, cause remember it started to rain when we left
    and i saw a few groups heading up there too

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    it was at the top of suicide hill, where the northbound lane takes a fairly sharp left right at the top of the hill. someone went right off the (very high) edge right there. they either froze & rode straight off the edge or lowsided but hit the barrier hard enough to flip over it. a friend of a friend said the wreckage looked like an r1 (dont take that as meaning it WAS an r1 by any means) and it was scrunched into quite the little ball. not a good situation. i dont know details or the condition of the rider, just rumours.

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    As I was saying, I ended up riding to Pemberton following the wrong people and we saw a group of 3 bikes and the ambulanc stopped at a left hand corner. One bike looked like an R1 with chrome frame and chrome rims. I thought that a pic of this bike was on the website earlier in the year. The other bike looked like a yellow Honda. I didn't get a look at the third bike. The two people that I was following said they thought they saw a rider with blood on the side of his head so they figured that it wasn' t a major accident. As we got closer to Pemberton a cop and another ambulance went screaming past us to the accident. On my return to Whistler the three bikes were on the opposite side of the road and a policewoman was talking to the bikers. That's what I saw.

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    I hope no one was hurt... *worried look*

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    talked to the tow truck driver who pulled the bike up the slope yesterday afternoon. turns out the rider was ok. couple scrapes & bruises but nothing serious. apparently his body slid along the barrier a bit before he came to rest. only the bike went over. very lucky boy he was; glad to hear he was ok.

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    all that's needed to be known is that i got one... or do i?
    very lucky guy indeed, least he's ok... gotta b more careful

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