Rossi slow in test
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Thread: Rossi slow in test

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    Rossi slow in test

    Rossi tested a Ferrari F1 car at Fiorano and is more than 2 seconds off of Shumachers time which in the world of F1 is an eternity. This on a track he knows well and has tested the Ferrari at before.

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    Wow, someone else who understands how large of a gap 2 seconds is. Thank god, try convincing some of the die hard Rossi fans on this website. I remember when they let a civilian test ride a McLaren and they got within a few seconds. It is fast, but still the world slower than the champs.

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    maybe it would be big news if he actually had a contract to drive the ferrari in f1.

    for the fans, this will be good news. for the haters, it will be the typical doom and gloom. nothing will change.

    don't forget this is the same guy that wraps rally cars around trees with some amount of regularity.

    as an aside, there was a show on a while ago where a millionaire bought one of schumi's championship cars, 2002 or 2003 spec. included in the mix was a modena. he had mandatory driver training on ferrari's track. after stalling the f1 car several times in the paddock he managed to do a hot lap. 30 seconds off the f1 pace was his best time. 30 seconds off the f1 pace is the official lap record for a modena. as a non professional driver, was he doing bad?

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