Antique canadiana reproduction furniture
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Thread: Antique canadiana reproduction furniture

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    Antique canadiana reproduction furniture

    Antique canadiana reproduction furniture for sale.

    Im a woodworker if you all didn't know and i have the following available

    2 door Hutch bottom only
    Single door armouire
    Harvest table 8 foot long
    Assorted harvest benchs
    Small enterance table with a drawer
    4 large 9 pane 1900 era window frames with mirrored glass
    1 small window with mirror inside

    Im finishing everything right as i type crackled finishs and dark stains.
    I will post pictures as soon as everythings done, prices are low for liquidation purposes for i need to make more space.
    Just posting incase anyone has interest will be posting on other areas and making advertisements in my neighbourhood once totaly finished.

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    If you like folk art furniture at 10th & alma.
    The price you would pay at his store with taxs are around 2000-3000 for items. My prices are less than halfed almost 1/4 the price...

    Dunno if any of you are into folky art stuff?

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    bump to me sanding my hands off & getting these things done and out so i can have a living room again

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