Two mini bikes for sale...

a)2004 KTM 105SX- bought brand new last year from a BC KTM dealership...probably 6 rides on it, including break-in (followed factory procedure to a T). 100% as mint as a used dirtbike gets, has factory race team graphics. Always run on 110 octane gas, and always synthetic fluids. No flaws or disappointments of any kind- literally perfect.

b)2002 Kawasaki KX85- bought brand new from RMS by original owner in 2002. Maybe a dozen rides on it, original tires and everything else. Serviced regularly in between infrequent use. Runs and rides perfectly, but not quite as pretty as the 105.

In summary:

$3500 for the katoom- you won't find a better one.
$2350 OBO for the kaw- very clean, very low hours, great bike