strength of engine/oil pan
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Thread: strength of engine/oil pan

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    strength of engine/oil pan

    Anyone know if the oil pan/bottom of engine is strong enough to put a jack with a wooden block to lift the bike up for a several minutes? I just need to lift the front up to take off the front wheel, then I can shove a jack stand under the forks. The rear will be on a stand.

    I've heard that lifting the pipes is ok, but it doesn't sound right to me, especially when the rear is only supported by a bracket. Plus, lifting the pipe will probably tip the bike to one side.


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    i jack up bikes using the pipes all day long at work and have never had a problem. oil pans are way more delicate than the pipes.

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    using two milk crates under the front end would be a lot less prone to breakage than lifting at the oil pan or the pipes.

    undo your bolts and loosen the axle, lean the bike to one side a bit, put a milk crate under, lift, and slide a crate under the other side. then put the rear on the stand.

    its crude, but it works.

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