Interesting article concerning sponsor $ in Motogp
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Thread: Interesting article concerning sponsor $ in Motogp

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    Interesting article concerning sponsor $ in Motogp

    Sponsors Beware! - MotoGP Teams Reject 50 million dollars in Sponsorship!
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    I read that and couldn't believe it.

    Unreal that Biaggi's such a pariah (sp?) that teams won't even consider him to ride for them even though "his" sponsor's willing to pony up $15M.
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    its more unreal that a sponsor still wants to back biaggi after his lame duck performance and attitude.

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    Lessee, a few years of bad mouthing Yami saying how uncompetitive it is, then a few more years of bad mouthing his Repsol Honda. . . Biaggi had made his bed. The only thing I liked about watching Biaggi race was when Rossi would hand his ass to him. Now it's not even close. I'll be happy to see some fresh blood out there tearing it up!
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    Hayden doesn't seem to be having much trouble with the honda. Can't wait for next season!

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    Hayden doesn't seem to be having much trouble with the honda.

    Biaggi had his chance to shine - many chances - and he's always got an excuse for not performing... and nobody wants to be his teamate!

    In Turkey he is said to have told his team what he thought of the bike in no uncertain terms and implied that he didn’t want to ride it again.
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    As I see it, most of the sposorship issue really revolves around 'tobacco-bucks'. Rossi is vehemently anti-smoking and tobacco. Telefonica is basically pissed about the HRC/Pedrosa deal...

    Wha? I had to read this twice...

    ...some saying that he CANNOT accept this because of a contract or agreement with the Marlboro Ferrari team that prevents him from carrying tobacco signage in 2006 in order to “clean” his image in case he joins the Marlboro Ferrari Formula 1 team in 2007.
    Lemme see if I have this straight...

    He needs to shed his current tobacco sponsorship to 'clean' his image so he can sign with ANOTHER TOBACCO (Marlboro) SPONSORED TEAM??

    Did I miss something?

    The Japanese say that their costs in developing and maintaining these MotoGP prototypes and in running the testing and racing effort, plus signing riders, is so great that the $15,000,000 to $20,000,000 sponsorship deals are “like tips.”
    I love it - $15 mil is 'like a tip'....

    I'd love to live in their world...
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