Riding from Calgary - perhaps last crossing of the year
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Thread: Riding from Calgary - perhaps last crossing of the year

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    Riding from Calgary - perhaps last crossing of the year

    One of my IBA buddies from Calgary is storing his bike in Vancouver this winter, so we can ride to Daytona for bike week.

    Friday, there was a weather window and he made the trip through snow and sleet, taking the low route via Cache Creek ( the Coq had a foot of snow on itat the top according to the road reports). Thanks Michael for the route planning .

    Marc's nicely outfitted LD bike (BMW GS) and he made the trip in 10.5 hours.

    With proper gear, a fuel cell, heated grips and electrics combined with a serious dose of common sense including a bailout plan ( I was ready to rent a u haul and go for a mid route pickup if he got weather blocked part way) he had a safe but salty ride.

    Many thanks to Carter Honda for the free bike wash, de salination rinse and anti corrison spray. Carter Granvillle island is become the LD riders dealer of choice in Vancouver.
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    I did that ride in June and it was cold! Through the passes the wind was so strong I was riding leaned over 15 degrees. Crazy stuff, but incredible scenery. I don't have that sweet beemer set-up, but I have good gear, and hot soup was still like heaven after Pincer Creek wind tunnel was done with me. Still, I'll do it again, but maybe August.....
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    [Quote]after Pincer Creek wind tunnel was done with me. Still, I'll do it again, but maybe August....[Quote]

    so true Bernie,
    it is windy as hell there
    I went through there in August a couple of years ago and it was howling,all the way from Montana to Pincher Creek at a 15 degree angle
    Of course my ride also had to coincide with the local Canola harvest.
    it was a yellow sand blast all the way up Highway 6 ,
    we looked like something from another planet by the time we stopped at the motel in Pincher creek.
    Completely covered in this fine yellow crap,bug guts and sweat.
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    Marc is truly a singular "League of Extraordinary Gentleman."

    (Apparently, there's a difference between motorcycle "owners," and motorcycle "riders.")

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    Bill/ Michael, what kind of gear was your buddy wearing to survive the cold etc..

    I am shopping for new gear and am curious. What is the favorite cold/wet weathwer glove for IBA riders?


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    Hey Bill, as if we needed any more proof that you IBA guys are nuts...

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    Three years in a row, i rode nonstop to Edmonton from Vancouver for the thanksgiving weekend. Once on a '95 Ducati and twice on a '76 CB550. I find it's on the longer trips, with fewer bikes and cars on the roads that biking is most enjoyable: a real sense of achievment.

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