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Thread: Looking for some tunes!

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    Looking for some tunes!

    I know some of you audiofiles out there can give me a hand with this. I'mma looking for some fast paced high energy music but damn am I ever musically illiterate when it comes to song titles and artists! So if you got an iPod or other mp3 player, post up your playlist and I'll start searching. The tone deaf, side shuffle dancers thank you!
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    From my mp3 player
    My Chemical Romance: Thanks for the venom
    Motion City Soundtrack: my favorite accident
    Avenged Sevenfold: Bat country
    Mudvayne: Happy
    Alkaline Trio:Bleed
    The Salads:Today is your Lucky day
    Iron Maiden:Hallowed by thy name
    HIM:wings of a butterfly
    AFI:Rabbits are roadkill on route 66
    Motorhead:We are the roadcrew
    Transplants:What I can't describe
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    mad capsule markets.

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    just get anything with MOS or ministry of sound in the title...well, not their chill out stuff...but, the normal comps or high energy ones perhaps...thats for electronic/tekno/house/etc

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    Depends on your definition of high energy music... but...

    +1 on the Ministry of Sound Label as well as... any Tidy Trax/Tidy Girls stuff... anything spun by Anne Savage, Lisa Lashes et al...

    If you're looking for electronica/techno stuff... just do a search for Hard House or Progressive House...

    Try http://www.di.fm if you want to just try listening to some stuff first...
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