shock interchangeability (if thats a word)
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Thread: shock interchangeability (if thats a word)

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    shock interchangeability (if thats a word)

    Do aftermarket rear shocks often fit a variety of bikes??

    I have an F4i, and I'm wondering if it will accept a shock from a different model or brand of bike?

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    It's unlikely that you'll find something that you can just bolt in and go from a different bike. You can go by the shock length but be careful that you don't run into clearance issues with different diameter shocks.

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    you can, just be careful with the resevoir and shock length. for example, on mine i coulda put a stock duc 999r ohlins rear shock on it if not for the lame position of the resevoir

    i have a non-stock shock from a different model bike on mine, just took some borderlining to get it to work

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    Have you been watching the WERA.COM forums??

    SO much race gear moves through that place, its crazy.

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    Some are interchangable (yes interchangability is a real word) but you need to do your homework.

    For example with my intrest in Z1000's I know that the 636 shock will fit right in but the spring is too soft for the Z. I also know that the 636 shock will bolt directly into an SV650 and provide improved suspension performance.

    But there's no list as such out there.

    Things to watch for as mentioned above are the eye to eye length and spring rate. Spring rates vary from bike to bike based on the linkage ratio so a spring and shock from one bike may not work on another even though the bikes are the same weight just due to the linkage motion ratios. And finally if the shock eyes are bigger you need to bush them somehow. If they are smaller than your bike then you're out of luck or need to make up a special pin and bushings for your frame and linkage so suit.
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