Rear Sprocket Sizes
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Thread: Rear Sprocket Sizes

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    Rear Sprocket Sizes

    Just wondering on some opions on the difference in going 2 or 4 up in the rear sprocket? Also if anyones knows... if I decide that the 2 up just isn't enough, will I need to get a larger chain to go 4 up?


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    Find out the difference by finding out the ratios.
    rear teeth divided by front teeth gives you your ratio.
    Compare both ratios, the now and the future ratios and figure out the % difference.
    You should not go more than 10% difference in your ratios, unless you want a super wheelie machine.

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    You may get away with a two tooth change but 4 will almost certainly require a new chain.

    One down in the front and two up on the rear would really make that front end lighter and fit the present chain. And it's not so extreme that it'll make the engine scream on the highway.
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    Down one on the front, up 8 on the rear. Then take her to Mission!
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    I've got an '05 CBR600RR and I'd like to increase acceleration and drop my top speed. I can hit 115kph @ 15,000rpm in 1st so i was wondering what the best sproket setup would be for what I want. Any ideas?

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