Hotdogs for homophobes
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Thread: Hotdogs for homophobes

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    Hotdogs for homophobes

    Repost? Perhaps.

    If it is, can you lick my balls? Of course!

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    Why do they call it "homophobia"? I'm not scared of them.
    What was it all about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hu99
    Why do they call it "homophobia"? I'm not scared of them.
    I think it's a case of trick-terminology. Like telling a child he's afraid to eat his broccoli. I think the idea is that insecure heterosexual males will trick themselves into accepting gays. (probably not likely for most guys on here)


    "Dude, go jump over the campfire naked with a sock tied to your johnson."
    "No way dude, i'll like get totally lit on fire, dude."
    "You're just afraid bro, you're like 'aww i hate fire dude' haha."
    "Gimme your fucken sock dude and have a corona waiting for me on the other side."

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