Today DAWSON would be 26years old....Ryan was another statistic of 2004.
He loved to ride and was taken from us doing just that...
We want to acknowledge today as Ryan was constantly on this site when he was alive, there are still some old members around i'm sure.
I would also like to acknowledge the other riders who have lost there lives to the love of riding. As a parent the pain will never go away, so please when you get those bikes out next spring remember all the Fallen Riders from especially 2004 and 2005 as they were the worst years ever for fatalaties. For some reason, maybe more riders on the road, or whatever, but please don't be a statistic in 2006 Ride Safe, don't let your parents come to a site like this to keep there childs memory alive.
Happy Birthday Ryan, we miss you always.
Keep doing those wheelies wherever you are.
Love Mom, Dad, Stacey, Shawn & Dana