Just thought I'd throw it out there. Anyone looking for a good reliable jacket for a decent price, I'm upgrading so I wanna sell it first.

Jacket is Blue and White, euro style jacket, spike patches in the shoulders. Armor in the shoulders and elbows, and the jackest is dual layer leather, so its tough. Its also reinforced and padded in the back a little. I'm a pretty big guy and its got a little breathing room for me (6'4", 225lbs)

THIS JACKET IS IN USED CONDITION AND HAS BEEN DOWN A COUPLE TIMES, now that thats been said, I'm in the process of cleaning it, and overall its still a great looking jacket. Its also pretty warm and it does have a removable liner, as well as perforated areas for more comfortable hot weather riding.

I payed 800 2 seasons ago, I'm looking to get 275 for it, this is great jacket for a beginner, or someone who wants good quality with a few scuffs.

PM me if your interested